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May 03, 2010


Tim B.

As someone who constantly sells on eBay and Amazon, this is always an interesting subject. One thing to keep in mind - the sales you pointed out are all "buy it now." That is, there is no bidding. If someone clicks on to any of those and decides they need to have it for whatever price, its theirs for the buying.

I did a "completed listings" search for the book on eBay and came up with one, signed by Hugh Cornwall, that sold for $55.11 (36 pounds). This is more likely the realistic value. See it here: Unfortunately you cannot do a similar search on Amazon.

So no, you don't have an outrageously valuable book, but at least you can tell your wife its worth more to keep.

Alamo City Rollie

Let me know if you're going to part with that Derek Hess - Cop Shoot Cop poster. Cops and dueling donuts... :)

Alex in NYC



Who are they? where are they now?

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