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April 21, 2010


EV Grieve

I was really tempted to go to the Specials show... But, you know, like you, my last journey there was for that Stooges gig. I vowed never to go back... Anyway, glad to hear they were still kicking it. Why no opening band?


We went to the Specials show and had the same experience....we waited, and waited, and waited. No announcements. No nothing. The recorded reggae/ska kept playing and playing, the obnoxious DJ's voice getting louder and louder. I had tissue in my ears and the guy's voice still literally hurt.

We packed it in about 9:30 after two hours of waiting, even though when we complained at the box office to an incredibly assholian bearded dork we were informed that the show would start in five minutes. Too late. Evening ruined. Major disappointment.

I don't remember having such a bad experience at the Stooges show, but I guess you're right. Terminal 5 blows. When it first opened, we liked it, but the Highline is such a better place in all respects....wish they booked better acts overall at the HL.


"He's like the Eeyore of Ska" is my favorite ska-related quote ever. I will walk around thinking about this, intermittently obviously, all day.

thank you.


Ah, Ras Trent. Bad-a-ding-ding-ding-ding wHOAAAAAAA.

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