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March 10, 2010



Cool photo. As soon as I saw it I had to go digging for the COLOR shot of the mural I knew I had somewhere. Here it is - this is from 1973:


Looks like the skeleton of the WTC North Tower rising in that flickr photo from 73. Which would suggest it's prior to 73.

Alex in NYC

Nice catch!

mykola (mick) dementiuk

In the 60s there used to be a marque under the abandoned theater of Lafayette St where my girlfriend and I always went to in the darkness and did some heavy petting. I can't remember if we ever stopped to get a coke or a lime rickey in the luncheonete, we sure both needed it after our fake lovemaking.


Great photo. Reminded me of this one from an earlier era...


This one too. Love the screwy traffic patterns--south on Lafayette!


@ Joe...
Thanks for catching that. The book the photo came from (one of those "Year In Review" deals) was published in 1974 so I (mistakenly) assumed the photo was from the previous year. I'm changing it now...


Yeah, I have a postcard of that Burckhardt long-shot of Astor Place displayed in my kitchen. I just think what it would be like to be having my eggs and coffee down there in that diner.
I don't know. It's easy to romanticize but... man, if only.

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