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March 02, 2010



Awesome story Alex...thanks!

James Taylor (no, not that one)

I took a photo of that National Debt clock on Sixth Avenue the first time I visited the city in 1999. I don't think it's there anymore. I wonder what happened to it...

Looks like the producers of "The Sopranos" saw this video too (3:31-3:53)...

Alex in NYC

The National Debt clock is now around the corner -- hidden away on 43rd street between 6th Avenue & Times Square


Awesome.. I was 19 in 1992 and I really connect with your posts from then... in '91-92 I was at SUNY Purchase ... it was so alternative .. alternative went mainstream then ...How about Ministry at the Paramount Theatre @ MSG? Weird. hmmm 1991, I was listening to WDRE radio but also Killing Joke, trying to ignore Pearl Jam and grunge, hoping it would go away... a punk in the time of grunge ... so it's great to read your posts and be right there, at the same shows, almost passing you by on the sidewalk on 7th Ave somewhere in time, it all brings me back, maybe it was in seedy Times Square when we went there to get fake ids.. the kind that say "I am a student at" and the Indian guy would type in your name, fake DOB and take your pic, laminate and voila! Instantly 21. Now there's an Olive Garden there. sad.
I think I found Flaming Pablum when I googled "I am the Best Artist" from the 80's SoHo artist Rene and linked to your Vanishing album...I love it. When my uncle got married in '87, his reception party was at Rene's studio/loft in SoHo- I was 13 - and it was amazing to me because I had always seen the I am the best artist all over and then to actually be in his loft, see his crazy art and meet him made quite an impression on me. So, thanks Alex for doing what you do. making connections. Keep it up.

Janna Rosenkranz

Wow, that bring back memories. I'm two years older than you and wow, thanks

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