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March 25, 2010



I got an email that new things were on the MF MySpace page but I can't understand that site and never found the entry that was supposedly there. It also said new songs were posted, but I couldn't find that either. Maybe I'm too old for MySpace, it hurts my head to look at it. Mark Ashwill's ashes are spinning over a box set I am sure.

I have 1933 and last time you wrote about it, I was inspired to record it into itunes for a listen for the first time in years. It holds up in some parts, not in others.

Tom Moss

hey !--- i just bought the new peter missing release and found this article by accident . i had to comment on it ..the new 5 cd 1 dvd is a great documentary of all missing recorded after missing foundation and i never expected peter missing to stay the same forever .
and for me after owning many old records of missing foundation, this new band missing seven hazard and release is an amazing power . i think noone can write anything realistic unless they have the new music.
i read reviews of bands all the time but this is lazy and lame reporting ! from what i know peter missing started music concerts in 1979 and added alot to my generation . much respect .
me and my friends wish peter missing a great success with his messages to the world !
p.s. the dvd is great . everyone - ignore the press and check out

Alex in NYC

"i read reviews of bands all the time but this is lazy and lame reporting !"

It's neither a review nor "reporting" -- it's just my own personal feelings on the project based on my memories of them. You feel differently? Fine. No need to be nasty. I'm curious to hear the new stuff. I never said I expected Missing to stay the same forever -- that would be incredibly dull -- but you have to admit it seems like he's followed an awfully crooked trajectory. That's not a criticism, but rather simply an observation. I still consider m'self a fan.

Christopher Egan

As a member of MF from the beginning I know there has never been any money in this project. The only way we made any was selling t shirts and hoodies on tour. I hope this current box set makes Pete a few euros, he puts all his art and music sales back in to making more art.

Alex in NYC

Cheers, Christopher. Thanks for weighing in!

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