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February 26, 2010


Account Deleted

Thanks a lot. I have searched for all this awesome tracks everywhere. The music is cool, like the moive ;)


Hi; is there ANY way you can post mp3's of these tracks? Thanks!

Michael Suich

Fantastic film, really unsung and underrated. I've met people that claim to be huge Scorsese
fans that have never heard of this movie. It has a ton of familiar faces, a brilliant premise and setting, and a soundtrack that fits it well. One of the best dark comedies I've ever seen.

Try playing any zombie game in the middle of the night with the lights off, by yourself, with the howard shore tracks playing. You will jump a foot everytime a zombie surprises you lol


The 4 Howard Shore pieces of the soundtrack are available on itunes on the compilation:

Howard Shore Collector's edition Vol. 1

And Amazon:

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