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January 06, 2010


Darren Peace

Why can't you listen to them on your iPhone?

Bowery Boogie

One problem with digital music is that you can acquire too much too fast, and never get to it. At least you can look at a stack of CDs and know what you're getting into. With digital it's just how many GBs you have left.


That's a great point. Digital music, in a way, kind of devalues music, makes it more of a disposable commodity. You have a CD or LP or even a cassette, chances are you'll stumble on it and give it a listen.

Yeah, well, I still have my Denon turntable from the early 90s. And actually 'upgraded' my stereo buying old 70s Kenwood components on ebay! They sound fantastic, too. And really affordable.


I too am awaiting a chance at Computerwelt! It was very formative for both your neighbor and I. Someday...


Break out the old discman! Or buy a new one, they're around $20. I use one to play cd's on my stereo since my CD player broke.

Elana M.

I use my iPhone as my iPod. Currently have almost a thousand songs on there, and still plenty of space.

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