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November 19, 2009


Bowery Boogie

nice touch with the last pictures.


I don't get it.
These pictures don't show anymore change than they would show if you snapped them every 3 months.

Alex in NYC

Some do. Some don't. Maybe you're just not taking very detailed stock of your surroundings.


Or maybe there's an alarmist fear that one's perception of negative changes are permanent, and positive ones will never be seen again.

Alex in NYC

If I was as negative as you seem to be projecting, Paul, why would I even bother remaining in NYC? By the same token, I have a hard time perceiving the transformation of Soho from what it was to what it is now. Personally speaking, I miss the Soho of my youth, when it was a haven for street art and reinvention. I think its current incarnation is rather staid, soulless and bland. This is only my opinion, of course.

dennis kiernan

You can take it from this alarmist who had a 1600 sq ft loft on Crosby St in the '60s for $125/month. The glory days of Soho are gone forever, The same goes for Mexico City, Acapulco, Torremolinos, and Papeete. Savor what little bit is left because that will disappear, too.

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