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November 01, 2009


EV Grieve

Wow...this is really interesting...and depressing all at once. It just doesn't *seem* like that long ago for the befores, and yet so much has changed.

Bowery Boogie

spectacular collection, dude! crazy to take a step back and see all the change.


The Noho Star building (#54 Bleecker)(seen in the Bleecker Street Subway photos) was the site of two early Kiss concerts in 1973 - 1st on 05/04/73 with Wayne County's Queen Elizabeth and the Brats, 2nd on 06/01/73 with just The Brats. I believe one of the Brats had a loft on the top floor.

All the photos are graet Alex - nice job. Sad to see everything becoming so sanitized.

This is rad. I don't think everything is that sanitized, just different. Nice to step back and see.

I also like the old Sam Black Church logo on 295 Bowery.

Alex in NYC

Sorry, T, that's actually the cryptic insignia of MISSING FOUNDATION:

Alex in NYC

And thanks, btw! :)


I think the 90s were a kind of golden age down here. Just a little gentrified, a lot safer, but still lots of the old days on display.

Great post, sir. Thanks.


It makes me sick to see the gleaming yuppie fortresses and banks paving over what makes NYC so special. Of course I'd rather see progress than abandoned storefronts, but I'd prefer local businesses than another sterile Capital One bank or Starbucks.


These are wonderful, even with the point and shoot. I've often thought of doing that too but mostly I can't figure out where all the original photos were taken. Some seem to have little/few landmarks and I wonder how you knew where they were originally?

Alex in NYC

My brain seems to have a massive propensity to remember trivial detail. I can't scramble an egg or even begin to mentally grapple with the most rudimentary arithmetic, but I can still remember minutia like this. Couple that with a virulent sentimental streak et voila.

Donna Muller

That was fascinating; it's my absolute favorite kind of photography. Got the link from The Bowery Boys. I go crazy for this kind of stuff.

ken mac

13 st marks place was beautiful, thus it had to be abolished. Welcome back Bloomberg the Abolisher!


Great, depressing stuff. You've inspired me to dig out my photos of the LES/EV in the 1980s. Now, that was a time. Where Red Square is now, for example, was a vacant lot filled with Queen Anne's Lace.


i especially like the photos of you in '87 and '09.
thanks for putting this together, both tragic and happy.

Alex in NYC

Heh. Yes, my transformation from a 20 yr. old to a 42 yr. old is tragic indeed.

Tom B

As someone who lives out of state but loves to visit NYC, I don't understand why the locals complain about the past two mayors. The "now" pictures sure look better than the "then" pictures. I prefer walking the streets of NYC without getting mugged, stepping in trash or being ask for money. What am I not understanding? I would like to see all stores be Mom & Pop, but what can you do? Do you really need flop houses? Does the unproductive really contribute a necessary charater to the city?

Ellen Smith

Wow!! You are a master at your craft..
I like your shots, although I like the ones in balcka and white and sepia the most, they're more dramatic and brings you to that place and time that your picture tries to convey..

Bratz World

Brian James

great photos. I lived in 13 St. Mark's for 3 years in the mid-90s. I know all of these places very well, even have pictures of that 4th street building myself.

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