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October 03, 2009



I've had it for years, too, but it's really become much louder in the last month or so since I caught a bad cold. It sucks. Whoever authorized or used this weapon should be prosecuted...cripes, I thought we saw the end of this kind of thing after Kent State...

Daniel Wenniger

The reason I brought this product to market is because I have one of the worst cases of tinnitus in the state of Arizona per my specialist. I have had this terrible condition for over 9 years now and have tried everything out there that claims to help or cure tinnitus even though there is no cure but nothing helped me sleep, concentrate, work and just get through everyday life half as much as the Tackler. The Tackler is the first of its kind affordable, high quality, small and comfortable in the ear masking device that emits a very soothing ocean breeze like sound that is adjustable with a volume control knob. The Tackler comes with different size soft comfortable tips to ensure a proper fit for any size ear. The Tackler comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If The Tackler dose not help you with your tinnitus simply send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. You can see it at or call us direct at 602-790-1939.

Fallopia Tuba

Oh shit: I wouldn't wish tinnitus on my worst enemy.

I've had mine for over 30 years; it was one of the sequelae of a brain injury I had in 1981. It appears to only be in my right ear—that is, I have fairly normal hearing in my left ear—but it's constant and often prevents me from hearing well in the left ear.

No one should have the right to inflict this permanent disability on anyone—especially just because they're expressing their free speech.

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