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October 14, 2009


Bowery Boogie

"Once, this kind of nerve might have gotten his plate-glass windows smashed. (We ain’t got time for that now.) These days it brings middle-aged Bouluddites in town cars and sportswear to eat and drink beer, to talk gaily of the market, the Galliano show in Paris, the Astor verdict, Letterman. "


Tim B.

C'mon...would you REALLY sooner eat out of a toilet bowl?

Alex in NYC

Well, that depends on the toilet bowl, I suppose. WITHOUT MY HYPERBOLE, I AM NOTHING, TIM!!!!


SAM SIFTON used to be an incredibly cool guy and a great writer for the NYPress back in the early 90's then he went on to NEW YORK i believe when that Tina person took over, he also wrote this, so either he's changed or you may want to re-read that and give him a bit of credibility based on my opinion... i'll go and try to read the piece...

Alex in NYC

Funnily enough, when my wife read this, she was outraged with me (she being a big Sifton fan as well -- how have I been missing his stuff all this time?) Perhaps I'm being too harsh and/or protective and/or sensitive and/or juvenile (very probably the latter). It's really Danielle Boulud who is at fault here. But really -- "Now I Wanna Serve Some Sausage"? We Ain't Got Time For That Now"? C'mon now.

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