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July 21, 2009


EV Grieve

Good stuff, Alex. Poe made some good lo-budget movies. Too many people just remember him for "Alphabet City," which, was, uh, not good. When Hollywood thought they may have a hot thing in the EV.

Alex in NYC

Yeah, I've never seen "Alphabet City," but if the trailer is anything to go on, it's best avoided.

Nicholas Rombes

Alex--glad you're enjoying the book so far. It was tremendously consuming and fun to write. Poe's movie The Foreigner is definitely worth checking out. There's another scene--right before the scene you reference I think--that's just amazing, as Max is being followed. Poe also did some good writing for places like New York Rocker. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book. N.


i just rented it from netflix if you want to look there. they actually have a strangely awesome inventory of 70s/80s nyc-centric movies.


That might be Jones Ally - the part on the south side of Bond Street that runs to Lafayette. The view is from Bond Street.

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