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June 19, 2009



I also went on an AYH bike trip the summer of 1979 in Cape Cod. It was really really fun and cost around $150 for 2 weeks. AYH had a storefront somewhere downtown, maybe in Soho? that was packed with affordable bike gear. I still have the orange saddlebags from that trip somewhere in storage (thus I will never actually lay eyes on them again). I wish they still ran those bike trips as my son would absolutely love it. Now all I see are expensive and fancy trips that don't have the same "let's go on a biking adventure" spirit.

Turned out the trip leader was a carpenter who lived in the East Village and my future husband (who I met 10 years later) worked on a few jobs with her. Small world.


Bravo Alex on bringing this memory back to life for me. 1984 was also a banner year for me musically as I plunged into the heavier side.
Venom was one of those bands, along with Motorhead and GBH that bridged the two, formerly antagonistic camps in the Detroit hardcore scene of metalheads and punx.
I was dating a metal lass that was quite keen on the Crue and I was able to turn her on to GBH, which gained me immediate cred in her eyes.
Venom's "Lady Lust" was my introductory track.

Sebastian (RMM)

I also thought Motorhead the heaviest band around for some time, until I ran into a fellow metal-head (we recognized each other by our denim jackets with patches). He showed me the Welcome to Hell patch on his back and said: this band is 10x louder than Motorhead. I never forgot that. What I did forget was the name of the band. Months later, on holiday in a different town, I saw another metal head walk around with a WTH-patch. A quick peek on his back and the hunt for 'Venom' could truly begin. I entered a record store, like, 10 minutes later and put WTH on over headphones. Maximum volume (and too scared to be taken for a sissy to ask if they could turn it down a notch). My, was that loud. My new favorite band for 1982 and years to come. Good times...

Alex in NYC

Jill -- AYH was indeed in Soho, on Spring Street (when Soho was a very different place)


Very nicely written piece, Alex - thanks for sharing your memories. My best Venom story is that I used to read Metal Edge Magazine religiously - and every month they had these rediculous contests like "Win Bon Jovi's Pants!" or "Win Blackie Lawless' Codpiece" and autographed LPs and all this other crazy stuff. I used to enter them all, thinking I MIGHT win something if I did.

One month they were giving away copies of a limited edition, numbered box set called "Here Lies Venom" - including 1st three albums and a picture disc of American Assault. I entered the contest and forgot about it. A month or so later I got home from school one day and there's this box sitting on my bed...I open it and it's the Venom box set. Needless to say I was thrilled - my parents much less so.

I wish I still had it but I sold it several years back in my mid-20's when I needed some xtra cash. The buddy I sold it to still has it and says I can pay full market value for it any time I want it back...they go for around $300.00 last I checked.

And I agree, "Rip Ride" is still one hell of a great song...


>How an entire community of Church-burning, murderous Scandiweigans failed to see the humor in Venom continues to stump me.

They certainly did not fail too catch the toungue in cheek-ness (witness all the comedy Venom cover bands there), they just saw that the potential of this primitive racket + evil lyrics concept would be a lot more compelling with the humour aspect stripped out.


Well, what do you know? That official bootleg, or at least its contents, has been rereleased:

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