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June 02, 2009



Hi everyone... other things that have been proven to increase kidney stones: coke, diet coke, bottled iced tea, bottled lemonade. For me it's worth it to never have another snapple if it means I won't get a kidney stone.

And yes, continual hydration prevents those crystals from forming in the first place. Chronic dehydration is a great start on a kidney stone!

Alex.... sorry. That's worst than "not fun".


We're falling apart!


I don't think beer in itself has anything to do with high triglycerides, which usually go hand in hand with high cholesterol (but not always). But if you get fat around the middle from *anything*, your trigs and cholesterol will likely go up quite a bit, since the fat builds up behind the abdominal wall as well as in front of it. Behind the wall, the fat is picked up directly by your bloodstream and that's not good at all.

If your diet sucks, you should clean it up by at least eating less fat. Lose some weight. If you want to get rid of the trigs, buy a big jar of Lecithin (Solgar is my favorite brand), the 1360 strength. Take six a day--yes, six. I knocked my trigs down from 300 to 200, and it didn't take long, either. If the cholesterol is up, you might want to stay away from the Lipitors of the world and get a big bottle of Norwegian fish oil. Take six capsules a day--less than that, and you're just jerking off. Get some cheaper flaxseed oil, too, and take a bunch of that every day, about 12 hours from the fish oil (I do one in the morning when I get up, the other at night before bed). Pick up some SuperGuggal and take three a day. Guggalstereine (I think it is) is great for nailing cholesterol. I pretty much eat what I want on the weekends and watch it during the week. Oh, and if you don't exercise, start. You've hit the age where you can't get away with being a lazy ass anymore. Walking is OK and low impact and all, but do something that makes you sweat.

The supplements cost some money, but they're worth it. Everything else you can do for free. And drink water, for Pete's sake. W.C. Fields' famous comment aside ('Water? Never! Fish fuck in it!'), it's the only thing worth drinking aside from caffeine and alcohol.

Alex in NYC



i would like to re-explore the whole caffeinated water product they supposedly came out with.

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