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May 10, 2009


Bowery Boogie

Nice work! The only reason those 315 Bowery tshirts might resemble "cool" is because of the history locked in that place. I would laugh too.


you sir, are the douche - stick to chinos and over-sized Gap T-s, your probably 5'2" and bald too

Alex in NYC

6'1" & full head of hair, "Drew."


Don't even get me started about all the teenagers wearing "Led Zepplin ~ Tour 1977" shirts.

(I'm thinking of getting one just to give the clerk the thrill of selling one to someone who was actually there!)


HAHAHAAA @ Drew. I agree with Bowery Boogie


Hahaha my teenage son has one of those Led Zeppelin shirts and I have no idea where he got it. T-shirts come in and out of our lives in ways that I will never understand.


I hope that you were being intentionally ironic mentioning what a double standard it is that someone is wearing a "315 Bowery," with "John Varvatos" and you notice it while you are out searching for cippolini onions.

Alex in NYC

Pardon me, Kim -- the shame of it. I didn't realize that knowing about different vegetable options was in some way elitist or yuppie. I guess true punk rockers only eat regular onions. Yeah, gotta keep our palettes "street"!

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