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May 14, 2009



Ok Alex it has happened again. Tonight, just minutes before I scrolled to your site, my husband and son were sitting on the couch examining an oversized circular of t-shirt photos that my husband pulled out from a trashcan today and brought home (yes he does that more than makes me happy). The determination was that there was nothing of interest for them. When I read your post I asked my husband, "Was that t-shirt thing you were looking at from Uniqlo?" "Yes" was, of course, his response.


I imagine that these shirts "might" look cool in........Tokyo? But this stuff seriously gets lost in translation over here......
I agree that groover #1 seriously deserves a a bunch of girls.


Any chance the bars are a non-aware spontaneous and coincidental re-creation of the Blag Flag symbol? I mean, four bars with alternating offset. Anyway, the Japanese.... what can I say?

Alex in NYC

Yeah, I thought of that (the bars being simply a coincidence) right after I posted, but I can't believe it's an accident.

EV Grieve

I will have to do a post about the nightmare I keep having ... involving the jackass in the purple.


oh yes. Marketing to Youth=its starting to hit home. What a shame. The douche with the thumbs up and the "Kill Your Television" shirt...I at first was taking it as "irony" (as I am small part hipster myself, I won't lie) but then I quickly saw that it wasn't, his actions read that he really seems to have no fucking clue what's branded on his chest (I ned's atomic dustbin, btw). As for the second shirt...I personally never watched that specific anime so I didn't recognize it, but being a big anime fan I thought it was just a random picture & I was a bit miffed, and being a Black Flag fan I then became EXTRA angry.
It's like your grandmother or that awkward relative at the family get-togethers who gets you a SKULL NECKLACE for your birthday or something...that uncomfortable feeling of someone just giving you a proverbial pat-on-the-head like you're a fucking idiot and will buy into things easily because you're different.
Despite all of that, In the end, I really do like the idea of bright colors and quick & clever slogans/images on a shirt. It's trendy, yes, "now" yes (like that guy was saying about people wearing the shirts in Tokyo...I personally take that as a compliment) The only thing is how you do it. Sometimes, irony/tounge-in-cheekness/wit/Ibetyoudon'tknowthisobscureculturereference short, HIPSTER-ness can go too far.


I meant to say I love NAD. ha..

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