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May 16, 2009



Don't they understand that neighborhoods like this just don't want Daddy Big Bucks stores opening up around them. They like the older timer charm.


My friends have named Joyce Leslie and its ilk (Strawberry is one too) Slutty Secretary stores. Maybe secretaries are getting less slutty downtown and thus have little need for such clothes.


Ajlouny- shut up. I live on 12th between Broadway and University. The opening of this CVS is not the beginning of a corporate apocalypse--there's a Dean & Deluca, Dagastinos, Crumbs bakery, Chipotle, etc. all within blocks of the place, and they're doing just fine. So save your BS for Williamsburg.

Alex in NYC

I don't believe Ajlouny suggested as much. But as far as a "corporate apocalypse" is concerned, I'd suggest it's already underway. Are you happy that there's an entirely needless CVS opening, Alex?


i'm pretty sure the joyce leslie moved to broadway, near great jones - or thereabouts. still slutty secretaries around downtown!!


"CVS" and "needless" will never go together in the same sentence. Except for that one. CVS has many things that people need, all in one place. That's why it's called CVS. Seriously, though. Sorry to attack Ajlouny. I just felt like he needed to understand something.


P.S. What the hell is an "Ajlouny"?

Alex in NYC

But, Alex, it *IS* needless when there's already a Metro Drugs on 8th between University & Fifth, a Duane Reade on 8th & Broadway, the Ansonia Pharmacy on 10th Street & 6th Avenue, Bigelow's on 6th between 8th & 9th Streets, University Chemists on 11th Street & University Place *AND* Whitney Chemists on University between 9th & 10th streets. Put simply: WE DO NOT NEED A CVS IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD.

Incidentally, did you know that not only do we share a last name, but that you currently live in the building I used to live in?


Regarding that Dean & Delucca. It's closed.

I'm worried about Metro Drugs.

They were thrown out of their 12th Street home in the Yeshiva Law building a while back. That was a great location that really served the community. Both the residents on Fifth as well as the business and student community for Forbes, the law school, and New School.

The 8th street store looks like they are pulling back on inventory. I'm worried about them closing.

It's not so bad to have a huge, modern, drug store move into a neighborhood. But the CVS looks like it's really trying to drive Metro out of business.

Alex in NYC

Metro is almost certainly closing up shop on 8th St. They do have another outlet on 14th, though. We don't need this CVS. We already have more than enough drug stores.

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