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May 15, 2009


EV Grieve

Very nice!

Which reminds me:

Alex in NYC

Connery's darkest hour.

Bowery Boogie

i'm waiting for the next EV Grieve/Flaming Pablum video battle royale...

EV Grieve

Hmm... Video battle! We need to start a feud first!


Alex wears Kill Your Television T-shirts!

mark e

glad to see i wasn't the only person to think this.
god bless the godfathers.

Neil P

Fucking fantastic. Takes me back, and how. For about, well, a short time, they were the business. Used to buy my weed from Gibbo (guitarist on far right in the vid) :)

Alex in NYC

Yeah, I adore this clip. Lead dude (name escapes me) just looks so hilariously agitated throughout. Saw them at the Newport Music Hall on High Street in Columbus back in -- fuck -- 1988(?), sharing a double-bill with (pre-fame) Soul Asylum. Godfathers blew SA right off the fuckin' stage (although Soul Asylum did a nice cover of "Birth School Work Death" themselves that night).

Neil Perry

I always put The Godfathers in that Screaming Blue Messiahs box - they were both at their peak around the same time - in that they both ploughed their own narrow-minded path and never really won acceptance. Happy days...
PS There is a new Messiahs BBC album:

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