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May 02, 2009



Storage is the halfway house for garbage. I have an old suitcase filled with concert t-shirts that I can't bear to part with, but I know I will never wear. Not to mention, crates of books, records, photo albums, kitchen things, a rocking chair, my childhood dresser, and half a room of wanna be sculptures. We also have items hanging from the ceiling such as old bikes, shopping carts and beach chairs.

We have a giant space that we moved to Ridgewood last year after the building where we stored our crap for years in Manhattan was sold to become condos. During that move we threw out 4 carloads worth of junk, and still filled a moving truck.
It's on the L train so it's rather easy to get to without a car. We add to it regularly but in fact can't find anything except for the very specific seasonal items up front (xmas decorations, camping gear, ski gear).

Every time I have to buy a book for my son for school that I know is in a milk crate along the back wall, I cringe, because I saved those books specifically for the next generation. And now we can't get to them, because it's just too hard to find the right box out of at least 20 crate of books, stacked to the ceiling.

But throwing things away that have sentimental value is too hard, it's worth the money to at least feel like if you had to find it, you could. Other people have basements and attics, we have storage, it's the trade we make for living in the city.

Rob B.

You must not ever part with the "Wayne" shirt.

Bowery Boogie

I too am a pack rat. I have a box of old t-shirts that are now retired to the "hall of fame." I dare not wear them anymore since they are so worn down.

Ebay is always an option, that is, if you can part with the memory. I know I couldn't.


An ad in the back of Rolling Stone mag says you can make a quilt out of old rock T-shirts. Not sure of the link.


I would pay you money for that Bauhaus shirt, maybe.

Alex in NYC

It ain't fer sale, m'dear.


I am aware, sayin'!

Manhattan Mini Storage

Seriously? You have no idea how tempting it is to go find your storage unit and raid your Tshirt collection!
1) I ADORE Killing Joke.. like beyond..
2) Yeah, I'll take that Bauhaus one as well! Which makes me think where IS that Bela Lugois shirt of mine.. right long gone!
3) AND you have star wars stuff??

BUT.. we are professionals and take storing your things very very seriously so all kidding aside.. thank you for entrusting your precious momentos in our mini storage facilities..jealous as we may be..but we will control this green eyed monster!
Don't know if you are on Facebook, but if you ahd a hankering.. come on by our place..welcome to post pictures of your collections, then you can visit them online.:

Cheers..and seriously..covet your shirts...


I have never thought about collecting T-shirts before. I really like the idea though so collecting T-shirts from my favorite bands might be a new hobby of mine soon. It would be a lot of fun to be able to look back and say that I was at a Metallica concert or something like that.


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