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April 01, 2009



That is sad..sad..sad. Here is more of the story:


Ah, Etherea. That place has a number of memories. The time the crazy (and not unattractive) woman who tried to get me to not buy a Jeff Buckley bootleg because all the songs were about her and "Jeff would have wanted me to have it," was a bizarre one.

But my favorite is the time the record store clerk -- acting like the very caricature of a record store clerk -- gave me his imprimatur for choosing so wisely in my purchases.

One day, off work, I wandered over with nothing really in mind to buy and ended up choosing three used CD's: Husker Du's "Everything Falls Apart and More", Mission of Burma's then-new "OnOffOn" and Paul McCartney's "Ram".

I walked over to the counter and gave them to the clerk. He took them. Looked down cynically. Raised his head. Stared. Then solemnly nodded and whispered, "Good choices ... Good choices."

It was like the Sam Kinison scene from "Back to School." Sad to see it go.

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