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April 19, 2009


j. sot

a few of them there mystery clicks could be attributed to my sorry ass. maybe.

Alex in NYC

Oh really? I don't see any referring links on your blog. Care to elaborate?

j. sot

no idea really. sorry.


Are you getting the stats from Google Analytics or another site meter? With Analytics you can see geographical and network location for hits. If all the hits are coming from the same location you might be getting hit by a bot, and perhaps should report it to your site admin.

ken mac

congrats on your spike. And thanks for that info re Emerald Inn. That blows my mind! I feel your pain as well. I just walk around soho, tribeca with my camera...and sigh..

Alex in NYC

I'm not sure congrats are in order for the spike. I feel some nefarious widgetry is at work (as opposed to people actually clicking on my dubious content). But thanks.

I have referred you to a large group in the Boston area.......could that be part?


I was joking but did send your link to bro and friends.

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