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April 24, 2009



c'mon alex, reagan youth without dave insurgent? that's almost as bad as the DK's without jello... and the fact that you liked kraut so much, jeez i might just have to take back that bad brains poster i promised...

Alex in NYC

Ouch. Well, Yeah, I know the Reagan Youth thing is a bit weak. But, I'm sorry -- I love that first Kraut record.

Tim B.

The first Kraut album IS great. Maybe its an east coast thing, Glen? :)

Anyway, I know at least two of the Kraut guys will not be playing - Don & Johnny. If Dave is there he must have worked something out with Doug, but who knows. I saw this show listed somewhere and Kraut was billed as "Kraut featuring Doug Holland of the Cro-Mags." Thats all I need to know.

Alex in NYC

No Johnny Feedback? Hmmmmmm....... worrying.

Tim B.

He's lived in California for a while now.

I mean, I could be wrong. Doug could have gotten the whole gang back together, but from what I know & have heard, I doubt it. And this is based on things I heard as recently as last fall when the A7-Knitting Factory show was being organized.

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