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April 15, 2009



Bowery Boogie

i'd love to hear that tape...hint hint.


Can you play the tape? That would be cool. I love Bono even though he's full of hot air.


Very cool story Alex, thanks for sharing and congrats on such a great work assignment - not every day you get to talk to Bono about Joey Ramone even though it was the worst of possible circumstances that brought about the conversation.

jon abbey

nice, Alex! I never heard that story, I'd been gone for a few years by then.

Alex in NYC

Thanks, JA. I'd love to say that it was the beginning of a long and fruitful reporting career at TIME, but that, of course, wasn't really the case. They let me out of my cage to do some reporting for the Notebook (then called Chronicles, as you may remember) for a little while -- and I did some stuff for a dead-on-arrival music issue that came out September 2001 (when the world had other things on its mind than music, obviously) -- then they shuffled the editor deck again and put someone else in charge, and I was back suckin' wind at the news desk. That was when I started looking elsewhere in earnest.

jon abbey

well, I was told semi-officially (through channels, let's just say) that I could never be the music critic there because I was white (this was still somewhat in the wake of the OJ cover darkening), still kind of hard to believe how stupid that is, hiring someone primarily to try to minimize future lawsuits.

but thankfully that was the case, as I'd be quite miserable if I was still there doing that and am extremely happy doing what I do now instead.



thanks Alex

Alex in NYC

Jon -- you know you're entirely my hero for doing what you did. I have nothing but respect and admiration for what you've put together. Seriously, man, damn well done. Keep it up.

Alex in NYC

If I can find a way to transfer the interview from cassette to MP3, I'll put it up.

jon abbey

thanks a lot, Alex! I keep thinking it's going to hit a wall someday, but 10 years and counting as of this fall.


Uh, I've been friends with you for how long and I never knew you interviewed the lead singer of my favorite band? AMAZING!!! I have to hear this tape, man!

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