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April 18, 2009


EV Grieve

I now don't feel so silly about wearing my homemade Pussy Galore T-shirt.

Well, a little.

Dont feel bad....if he cant take the heat....tell him to fuck off


I had someone I didn't know too well unfriend me because I made a smarmy comment on a link she posted which I thought was a satire on crazy things parents buy. It was a website for scissors a parent would buy specifically to cut up food for their children, but the item was never referred to as scissors. I wish I could remember what they were called, something like foodtools or kidbites or smileybites. Tinybites I think. I said something like "maybe I'm not such a savvy shopper like you, but these look like scissors." Turned out it was her brilliant idea that she was marketing. My apology was never acknowledged.

Joe Western

That's great... all I really have to say about this is that if you are a REAL Cure fan, 'Friday I'm In Love' is the only song you WON'T like!!!

Alex in NYC

Hogwash. If you are "a REAL Cure fan," you'll give everything of theirs a fair shot. It's certainly not my favorite track of theirs, but what makes "Friday..." any worse than other blatant pop tunes like "Lovecats" or "The Walk" or "Lovesong" or "Close to Me"?

Joe Western

Well, it's ok to like that stuff so long as you own original Fiction pressings of the first 5 or so albums... Actually, I think everything they did up until, and including "Wish" was completely phenomenal. I have to put them up there with my other favorite, the Clash, purely for the reason of how many OTHER musical avenues both bands opened for me. I would have no clue about albums like Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks" or Nick Drake's "Five Leaves Left" without being into the Cure. Also, I have to add that the version of "Close to Me" on the new "HOTD" re-issue, all by itself makes it a worth while purchase.

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