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March 12, 2009



While you are at it, you MUST revisit Broadway Danny Rose. My all-time fave Woody Allen pick and a great chronicle of circa 1984 Manhattan.
Great detail of the Carnegie Deli and old-skool comedians of the era. A true treasure.

EV Grieve

Ah, lovely...

Rob B.

IMDB seems to think Woody Allen DID direct "Take the Money and Run".

Alex in NYC

Really? There's something about that film that sets it apart from the rest of his canon. Can't think what it is.

Rob B.

I think TTM&R the first film he acted in, AND wrote AND directed.

I know he didn't direct "Scenes from a Mall". I always though it odd he took *that* as an acting role, especially at that point in his career.
(Not that I ever saw it.)

Full appreciation of Woody, and New York herewith:


I'm one of those people who find "Annie Hall" a bit cloying but absolutely love "Manhattan." Love the manic early stuff too; my favorite of those used to be "Sleeper" but the past few years has seen "Bananas" rise to the top. Sadly, but amazingly, it seems just as relevant as ever after all these years.

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