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February 27, 2009



Alex, I read the accounts of your tinnitus and cringe as I anticipate a similar fate for myself down the road. I spent way to many shows pressed up against the stacks and have been listening to something jammed into my ear since AM radios came with one of those white, single, mono plugs in the early 70's.
However, may I ask what headphones are you using? If you are using the standard issue Ipod in-ears...GET RID OF THEM.
For $50, you can be into a set of Sennheisers that will fit your ear canal better, sealing out external noise and allowing you to play at a lower volume with better quality sound and volume.
For around $200, you can be into a pair of UE super5-pro's with dual drivers. They come with a number of different adapters to fully isolate exterior noise and allow you to play your ipod at lower volumes. I own both, and would be happy to let you check them out. I have been able to play at a lower volume with an enhanced quality of sound. Really. Here's the link to the UE 5's


I'm with you on Tupelo, great song, great band.


Have you read Jim Sclavunos' Bad Seeds tour diary? He has some insightful comments regarding the tinnitus experienced by most of the members of the Bad Seeds.....

Alex in NYC

Wow! Thanks so much, Paul!!!

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