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January 16, 2009



Found your blog via Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. And I think your nostalgia is right on the money. Virgin is not great. And Kim's had a more indie selection, but I found them the most irritating record store I have ever been to. And this counts all of the record stores in the Village I have ever been to since my JHS & HS days in the 1980s.

I miss actually going out to shop for stuff because I'd discover stuff. Get on the train from Brooklyn, go to 8th Street, meet friends who were always invariably there, explore different streets/stores and then discover new stuff that way.

That said, I love MP3s and don't even own CDs or LPs anymore. But the idea that the most casual way anyone listens to music anymore is strictly via online blogs or online store recommendations is sad. I mean, look at Pretty in Pink or even High Fidelity: How could those movies even happen in a world where people sit isolated from each other in cafes downloading music and not even flipping through bins.

Things come and go, but the culture that's lost... Someone needs to come up with a way to tap into that in person.

Oh, also noticed you grew up with Micronauts and stuff. Very cool! Check out my photos on Flickr to see why.


I could be mistaken - somebody pls corroborate - but I'm pretty sure the St Marks Mondo Kim's has indeed closed up shop, now that the 1st Ave location's up and running.


The shop on 1st Avenue is a fraction of the size of the one on St. Marks and only deals in buying/selling. No rentals of any kind.


I headed over to St Marks this afternoon (Sun.) to clarify my earlier post, and while Mondo Kim's hasn't shut down yet, it's definitely in its death throes.

Jack's right: the 1st Avenue shop doesn't begin to approach its predecessor - in fact, it looks more like they picked the former Columbia U location up and moved the whole thing downtown.

jon abbey

heh, just saw this. you summed up my position well, except for this part:

"I chalk that up to him just being a frowny misanthrope who hated dealing with record shop clerks."

again, I am a misanthrope, but I get along quite well with NYC record shop clerks, and always pretty much have.

I just never cared about "the hunt", record stores are and always have been utilitarian for me, a place to buy music, not to kill time or make friends, and they increasingly don't stock what I'm specifically looking for.

and as for finding things you wouldn't otherwise, online music discussion forums are much better for that than record stores ever were IMO.

so, yeah, I'm not going to miss record stores. I'm surprised so many have lasted this long.

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