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January 10, 2009


Tim B.

I don't really get bothered by this stuff anymore either way. Iggy & Johnny are doing commercials, and Tom Waits is staunchly against it. As Iggy mentioned a few years ago in the Big Takeover, the Carnival Cruise Line campaign was the most airplay that Lust For Life ever got. It is what it is...I'd like to think that if it were my decision, I wouldn't do it, but who knows? No one has ever asked me to endorse anything with a paycheck hanging in front of me!


Did you see the color of his eyes in that last frame - purple! Not too many men can still take off their shirt in public at 40, no less 60, so I hereby declare that Iggy can pitch for anything he wants, as long as he's at least partially naked.


Bottom line, he ain't selling records anymore. Well, not that he ever did sell much. He was more legend then a unit shifter. He can do whatever he wants. He's got to pay the bills. He would be cool no matter what he did.

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