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January 26, 2009



Wow and wow. On one hand, I would not be able to resist being first on line to see the show, and more important, the music that come with it, even with a totally different band.

On the other hand, Ziggy was a product of the times, meant to shock, to make a bold statement about gender, which was the appeal and attraction. He was subversive and like nothing anybody ever encountered in their normal post-war life. And the music was unbelievable (is). But now it's just ... well, NOT shocking and smacks of publicity whoredom.

Back in the day, my tag was "Stardust", so this hits me at the back of my cortex.


Smells like money. Smells like he needs a hit. I love him but you can't blame the guy. Like Jill says, we can't resist and you all know darn well we'll all be there in droves. Kiss can put their makeup on at their age, so can he.

EV Grieve

Who's for Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King?


LOL...all kidding aside, Labrynth 2 might be a reality. Jennifer Connelly and Bowie together again. Nice.

Bowery Boogie

I also pray he doesn't fall into that trap which befalls so many classic rockers. If Bowie follows through, it would be sad because he's always been about re-inventing himself.


I would to see him just pure Bowie like for his Glass Spider tour. I saw him with NIN and he blended well them too.


Bowie has dismissed this rumor here:

He must have listened to you.


Let's just hope he doesn't duet with Mick Jagger again.

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