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January 29, 2009



FYI: smurfs were Dutch.

Sean C

You know, I had roughly the same experience earlier this month when I went into the FAO Schwarz in the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops in Vegas earlier this year -- we got up to the floor where they kept the little Smurfs figurines (which we had when we were kids) and I thought "Huh! They still MAKE those?" Unfortunately we didn't see the Grim Reaper but I was actually trying to figure out whether or not they had any of the big mushroom houses for sale, because you know...mushroom HOUSE!

The Canadian Smurf experience was funny because all our packaging had to be in both English and French. Who knew that the French for "Smurfs" was "Les Schtroumpfs"?


Belgian. They are Belgian.
I'll shut up now.

Bowery Boogie

great, now that annoying theme song is stuck in my head!

i used to love that show, but not more than scooby doo of course.

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