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January 18, 2009



The main reason I went to Times Square as a teenager can be summed up in 2 words: Fake ID's.

Speaking of Disney, I was there last night to see a play, and there are now Mickey & Minnie Mouse characters roaming the streets, along with Elmo and Grover. So it has come to pass...

Alex in NYC

Funny thing about that is that I never needed a fake I.D. until I *left* NYC for college in Ohio. The carding in the city only began in earnest after Robert Chambers left Dorian's Red Hand with Jennifer Levin, bound for Central Park in.... `85?


Speaking of Dorian's Red Hand, ain't it still there? I think it is. Think the year was 1986.

Alex in NYC

I haven't been up to that end of 2nd Avenue in quite some time, but I believe it's still there, yeah.


Wow and Tad's steaks was around then, too. The worst steak place...ever but they are doing something right, they still exist. LOL.

ken mac

Thanks again for the link and props!

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