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December 23, 2008


Account Deleted

Tonight, thank God it's them... instead of you!!!


The first record I ever bought was this single.
I was 13 years old. *sigh*

EV Grieve

Why did Paul Young get to sing first...?

And Tony Hadley! Gary Kemp on guitar...

Oh, happy holidays.

Alex in NYC

I'm always struck my Simon LeBon's heroically bad vocal turn on this -- made all the worse by making him stand next to Bono & Sting (two gents who can actually sing). I love me some Duran Duran, but oof is our boy out of his depth there.

And yes, Tony Hadley should have been dragged outside, pelted with mud, hit with sticks and ridiculed. That would have been the Christmassy thing to do.


Why Paul Young got to sing first? Easy: he had a great voice back then and was at the height of his career. And yes, I was a fan! :)


Love the is the order of the singers (I think) please correct me if I'm wrong...don't know all the versus... for those who are keeping track:

1. Paul Young

2. Boy George

3. George Michael

4. Simon LeBon

5. Simon LeBon and Sting.

6. Tom Hadley

7. Sting, Simon Le Bon and Sting.

8. Bono

9. Phil Collins.

10. Paul Weller

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