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December 21, 2008


ken mac

Soho, Greenwich Village, East Village, it's dead and getting deader all the time!


I enjoy your blog, Alex, but (on this topic) you and the Vanishing NY dude are the only ones that still see gentrification where everyone else sees pretty meaningful signs of change - from widespread store closings in the financial district to crime stats everywhere. Admitting that Soho will *be* facile storefronts for a while is one thing. Using Soho's storefront's to judge what is (for most people I know) a stunning reversal in this city's fortunes is odd. Soho / much of lower Manhattan, as a tourist bubble, will be touched later than other places.

But it's kind of odd to lament the passing of punk while not noticing that lower rents (in the boroughs) are *already* drawing people back (from Philly. Jersey etc), and that the noise / hardcore / electronic scene is utterly resurgent?

Alex in NYC

Who's talking about Punk here? This post wasn't about music. This is about an gallery in a neighborhood that was thriving with creativity that is now simply a gigantic high-end mall choked to the gills with insipid shitheads.

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