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November 17, 2008


Jon Williams

Re: 7, water conservation!


Can it be 11 things? Because lately I have been seeing more than the usual number of people tossing their wrappers right onto the sidewalk, without a sideways glance. It's really awful.

Ok on second thought it has to be 12: people who walk into the street without looking, especially when the light is red and often while talking on the phone. Plus there are the people who purposefully walk into traffic thinking all cars need to slam on their brakes just for them. This is particularly prevalent on Avenue A.

Pat S.

Shit dude, you are harsh. I too dislike these things, but the Internet is no place for hyperbole, good sir.

Alex in NYC

Hyperbole is my life.

Darren Peace

13. Possessing a Dido album.

EV Grieve


My 11-20 might include:
Taking up three seats on the bus/subway.

People who walk out of an apartment building/store, etc. without looking in either direction and suddenly stopping.

That guy who played Dave Matthews on the juke when Joy Division was playing on the house stereo at Spring Lounge.

People who ask the bartender at a dive bar what kind of Chardonnay they have.

Anyone over 24 who wears their fraternity/sorority sweatshirts.

Guys who give each other high-fives after doing a shot at the bar.

People with 30 items in the 10 items of less line.

Bartenders younger then me who decide to give me a nickname like "bub" or "pal."

People at the next table who talk about paradign shifts.

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