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September 23, 2008



Alex, you were in hell... that video is a sonic torture. Can't imagine what would have felt to be there... it must be a unique experience -amazing just as you said- no doubt about that, but still it looks like a torture to the audience.


As 10 years of clubs / raves taught me, dancing is key when lights are like this. Staring straight ahead at a band induces a weird combination of agitated annoyance, no matter how good the music is. Personally, I feel that the obviously looped & sampled / pre-recorded aspects of their 2008 show veers somewhere between wanting to prove sonic authenticity ("it's as intense as you always imagined!"), and indie karaoke. They were never a spontaneous band live (saw them in 1990), but it feels like their 08 incarnation is the band trying to provide a bludgeoning sense of *proof* of what they were.

EV Grieve

Sweet Jesus. Still coming down from last night's show.

Collecting thoughts.

I was fortunate to see them on the Loveless tour in 92 as well...I feel the same way now as I did then...When they started to play, my first thought in 92 and 08 was: "So this is how it's done..." It was as if they were declaring, "there are two kinds of bands: Us and everybody else."




They tore me apart in the best possible ways. LOVED IT!

Nice work on that clip...

Alex in NYC

Oh, i didn't take that video. I snapped the pics, but not the video. I was busy frowning, wincing and holding my ears during that part.

metal dad

thought you might be interested in the review of their show in Chicago

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