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September 18, 2008


Tim B.

He's a pretty uncomfortable guy in general. I've had my experiences with him, and have heard some other things which I won't repeat here. I wouldn't take it too seriously...


I think you did the right thing. Don't stop being you just because people can't stand being themselves.


i personally have run into a number of celebs and generally give props the same way you attempted to. with the exception of Johnny Ramone (on my first trip to NYC, circa 1982) every one was very cool with it. my faves were running smack into Terrence Stamp (english gangster baddy-type, see The Limey) on St. Marks place or Eli Wallach on Broadway and Houston. jackson's reaction says everything about him, and nothing about you.
i would have done the same thing as you did.


My husband claims that he somehow knows, but doesn't know how he knows, that Joe Jackson lives (or at one point lived) at 13th Street bet. 2nd/3rd Ave.


He was probably wasted.


I approached actor David Morse (Green Mile, John Adams) on 18th street and I don't think he's even a New Yorker. Chelsea is where I used to see all kinds of celebs all the time. It was almost the same kind of reaction when I approached him, he was shocked that I recognized him and looked frightened. It's better to admire your heros from afar, I think.

James Taylor

Although it causes my wife tremendous embarrassment, I've never hesitated to say hello and shake hands with celebrities, especially when they're by themselves. I've also been thrown out of hotels for that sort of thing, but it was always worth it.

Joe Jackson could've taken a cab. If I'd seen him I'd have done the exact same thing (adding that the first time I ever saw the sea was on the beach of his hometown).

About a year ago I ran into Steve Earle and his wife outside my local deli. He was wearing a Yankee t-shirt.

GG Allin

Ya know, it is fans who have put money in his pocket and given him a career. The least he could do is say "thank you." Fuck him. If he wants to be left alone then live with the bubble boy. What a Moop.

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