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July 16, 2008



Well how can I not respond?

The list I looked at had LZIV on it for 1972, but I can't find the link that I saw it on. I will love Jimmy Page unconditionally and I could probably defend the first 6 albums as being a thousand times better Yes if I had the vocabulary of a music critic to describe what I'm hearing. But as they say "I know it when I see it." (Or hear it.)

As for Allman Brothers, they aren't a band I listen to much but I think Eat a Peach is definitely worthwhile, (and definitely better than anything that Yes did) and for that genre it is kind of definitive and a whole lot of fun to listen to. Unfortunately I don't seem to have it any more so I can't listen to it again to see if I still believe this. The :30 clips on Amazon do confirm for me that it is a great album. It's probably been 25 years since I heard the whole album so it so it is possible that I misremember it's pureness of spirit.

I'll concede on Exile on Main Street, that was hasty. But still better than Yes.

For me Yes is in the category of bands I loved when I was 13 and I regret the time I spent with them when there was so much better, if only I had known. In the same category is Billy Joel, Elton John and ELO. Maybe being 13 was what was so horrible and it was the soundtrack of the horror of junior high school, so for me there is no joy in this music, only irritatingly long and sappy elevator music that makes me think of suicide to relieve the pain of listening to them.

And, as a side note, Long Distance Run Around was the second song I learned to play on the guitar (well the first part of it). From it I learned the word "harmonics." The first song was Moonshadow by Cat Stevens which my friends still tease me about. Some repertoire. I was a terrible guitar player.

And finally a funny story my husband just told me. He had a friend Jon who was a huge Yes fan. Another friend said he thought Yes was pretentious. Jon replied, "So you mean they're just pretending to be that good?"


Just thinking that it might have been Roundabout that I knew how to play. When I try to sing the songs to myself, they sound exactly the same; I can't tell them apart. That's another reason I don't like Yes. Monotony.

Alex in NYC

Jill, I would agree with you .... if you were right.

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