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July 01, 2008


m coleman

I've been obsessing on this lately, how a song can transport you into the past, the random way pop music can shape autobiography. for me it's the disco songs I heard coming out of boomboxxes the first summer I lived in New York. the reggae rhythms and dumb double entendres of Grace Jones' "Pull Up To The Bumper" put me back in 1981, an Ohio hayseed wandering the mean streets.

great post!

John R. Kenny

Holy God! - Novo Combo's debut was an absolute rock classic. You COULDN'T have listened to the damn thing, cuz the freakin' song is called "E-Train" damn you-NOT "City Bound". Jesus Christ! "Up Periscope" is absolutely BRILLIANT. "Tattoo" just too cool. "Sorry for the Delay". Man, you need to seriously revisit that one, bro. I've got a perfectly-preserved LP of that recording, and I've ripped it to .mp3, and thus, a very nice little CD. One of my 10 faves of all time.

Alex in NYC

Ha! Thanks for your note, John. I appreciate your passion for the music. I strenuously apologize for the title gaffe (tho' wasn't it "E-Train (City Bound)"?) Why it's never been officially available on CD is a mystery (especially considering the amount of crap that *is* still in print). Cheers.

John R. Kenny

Maybe I should get out a little more, eh?

Mike in OC

Alex, thanks for sharing your memories of the music back in the day.. actually I'm looking at the back of the 'Novo Combo' album right here. No need to apologize to John--the freakin' song is called City Bound ("E" Train) damn you-NOT "E-Train". Jesus Christ! Cheers.

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