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July 09, 2008


jon abbey

I was with you until those last few sentences. the same fratboy suit bozos who worked in and around the WTC are the ones buying condos in those high-rises.

I agree with you that I miss the Twin Towers (and as a JC resident, I used to take the PATH through them all the time, including on 9/10/01), but I'm not buying the distinction you make there at the end.

Alex  in NYC

Yeah, fair point. It's hard to defend what the World Trade Center stood for beyond simply being a piece of New York City. When one examines the root purpose of those buildings, it's hard to defend them and decry all the new development at the same time.

That said, I knew at least three people who who worked in and around the WTC (one of them is now dead), and none of them lived in ritzy condos.

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