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June 27, 2008



The problem with Brooklyn, or at least the northern neighborhoods, in general is that the really cool phase between when the artist moved in and when the yuppies arrived lasted only two years. It just wasn't enough time for institutions and businesses to get grounded that could carry on what was left from the creative phase, like you have in Manhattan.

The idea that Brooklyn would be some sort of counterweight to an overgentrified Manhattan was flawed because Brooklyn could get overgentrified too. This even fits in more with the borough's history, many of the neighborhoods were originally planned as upper middle class residential suburbs of Manhattan.

Alex in NYC

My ire for Brooklyn in this instance is largely tongue-in-cheek. I'm well aware that it's no longer any sort of Bohemian enclave any more than, say, the East Village is (i.e. not at all). In any case, shortchange Devo and earn my eternal scorn.

ron lent

hey man - i was there. the show was amazing! i think the big problem is there are no "house lights" in that open air space and so people don't take the hint - "ok - go home now" i wanted a second encore too - i would have stayed if they played their entire catalog! but i have to say - as an aging spud-boy it was nice to leave at 10:00 and get some sleep before work the next day. my ONLY complaint was the low end during tom tom club: muddy. oh - and my ice cream melted all over my hand.

Alex in NYC

Yeah, the sound for the Tom Tom Club was absolutely abysmal. Was glad that wasn't the case for the headliner.

People didn't take the hint, because the band themselves weren't finished. Didn't you see that guy rip the mic out of Mark's hand? Devo were ready to keep going. McCarren wasn't.

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