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June 25, 2008



Dang, didn't they also buy up the Palladium too and turn it into dorms.


P.S. Thanks for the Beastie reference. Rick Rubin started it all at NYU, that was their domain for a bit of time.

Alex in NYC



I'm a pretty consistent preservationist and I think the supertowers should come down.

For the most part, the post World War II decades were wonderful, but not for architecture. Most of what was built was pretty ugly. And fifty years is just not that old. Our attitude towards that period should be that we made some big mistakes, now we will tear what we built down and start over.

The only argument I see for preserving the NYU "superblocks" (isn't there a consensus now that superblocks are bad urban planning?) is that we are in another period of bad architecture, and anything that replaces them will likely be worse. I would like to see the students housed in five story rowhouses, with the fronts on the sidewalk, with one tower on one of the corners, but this is unlikely to happen.

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