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June 04, 2008


Jon Williams

B-b-b-but lottery tickets fund public schools!


number 1 is my number 1. the odd scratch and win or a quick pick doesn't bug me.. but those people who spend more time planning out their lottery purchases than their lunch, or have some 'system' in play are my number one offenders.

number 7 bothers me too, but as someone who is also irked by lengthy grocery store lines when they only have one or two cashiers on duty, I'm pushing for some smart grocery chain to institute a policy whereby after you've waited a certain amount of time you are allowed to start eating ANYthing in your cart. Any product eaten ENTIRELY by the time you start putting things on the conveyor belt you don't pay for. they could even have little electronic signs indicating a changing time limit based on time of day/number of cashiers.. some calculation that essentially guarantees service in under 'x' minutes.


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