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May 10, 2008



A lot of these places came into being during hard times in NY, right? A booming economy causes developers to turn every space into something commercial. So a long recession might bring some of these more characterfull spots back to NYC. Bring it on?

EV Grieve

Ugh. Hate to admit this, but I'd almost forgotten about the Gas Station. Was there a few times. But it does seem as if that spot has been a Duane Reade forever (it was actually another pharmacy -- Kings?? -- when the new building opened).
Good memories of that old corner. Thanks for the post.


Alex please check your email. Thanx.


To whom will the NYPD have their attention, or who are their going to arrest nowadays? I guess they''l just be watching them yunnies and yuppies watch have sex in their fishbowl condos during their patrol.

Bob Arihood

Recently "L.E.S. Jewels" started wearing a ripped-up G.G. Allin shirt.

Last summer in Tompkins Square Park 2 or 3 ill-tempered crusties kicked "Swill" into a 5 week long coma.

The G.G. Allin spirit is still with us .

Bob Arihood

What I tried to say above but the blog didn't make the correction is:

Jewels has a new G.G. Allin Shirt that he wore to flash avenue A last week and that Swill was kicked last summer into a 5 week long coma for wearing a G.G. Allin shirt in TSP.

MEK be down there when that occurred must have been something to see even for jaded New Yorkers. It's a shame he couldn't make due and get more recognition with better recordings or better songs but that wasn't the point of his art.

honey west

The demise of the Toy Tower reminded me of Gas Station,too. There was a beautiful Rivington School metal sculpture in the yard, which was sadly dismantled.

I really miss places like Gas Station, it was nice to go there in the summer; the whole neighborhood would be there,older Latino women talking,men playing dominoes, kids running around (and not being pushed in SUV sized strollers), local artists, local community. Osvaldo would ask if you wanted your juice "with gas" since there was no official liquor license.

Allen Ginsberg used to do readings there, too. It was one of the many real performance spaces in the area that have disappeared.

I didn't go to that GG Allin show, though everyone heard about it. Too bad he's not around anymore, it would be great to watch the yuppie lemmings & SATC crowd surging down Avenue B wander into one of his shows.

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