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May 28, 2008



I call this phenomenon "Your record label dresses you funny." I have long wondered who picks out these t-shirts for starlets. About five years ago, there was a sudden proliferation of Ramones t-shirts among red-carpet-walkers. Motorhead seems primed to take over, as though the Ramones are suddenly not as cool. We're about seven years away from Dwarves t-shirts.

EV Grieve


Still, maybe Andrew Eldritch will get a nice royalties check out of this.


Makes me sick and she was a part of that Kids Incorporated Saturday morning kid show when Sisters were big.


If it wasn't the exact same color as the single I'd have suggested she was just wearing a Gustave Doré shirt, but yeah


i used to know a band whose lead singer proudly wore an old "Quarterflash" concert jersey that he paid big bucks for it at some LA boutique. he was in his twenties and thought they were a heavy metal band. he looked really disappointed when i started singing "i'm gonna harden my heart" to him and he finally realized what a lame band they were. with urban outfitters selling Residents t-shirts anything is possible. he also had an Agnostic Front t-shirt and when i told him they were a hardcore skinhead band in the eighties he thought he should stop wearing it.


my only problem with this is that my own body & soul t-shirt went missing during the early 90's and I'm very envious of Fergie's.
Seriously, can't wear whatever the want without being subject to a pop quiz on it?
As a previous poster may alluded to, should sisters fans worry if Gustave Doré, Francis Bacon, Monet etc query them about The Sisters appropriate art work? Or query them on how many other artworks they can name? Is 'well it's just a single cover' any better of a defense than 'my stylist gave it too me'...

Alex in NYC

No, fuck'em. If you're not a fan of the band, don't wear the shirt (especially if you're responsible for music as abjectly godawful as Fergie's).

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