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May 01, 2008



I love to read about record stores. I just figured you would want to open your own however unlikely that might be. One can always dream of opening a cool record shop like the ones from High Fidelity and Pretty In Pink, etc. Unfortunately, record stores will go the way of dinosaurs like you said. I am just as deeply saddened. I'll keep faithfully reading. I live for this shit.

Pat S.

The FYE is gone? WTF? That was a super convenient place to go pop in and buy a CD, some headphones or a DVD. (And what's there now?)

I briefly worked in one of these places during my Christmas break from freshman year. The employees might not care as much, but that's because the clientele doesn't care as much. Most of my shift was spent doing this exchange:

"Where can I find the Britney Spears CDs?"
"They're filed under 'B'."
"Thank you so much!"
"Just doin' my job."

Alex in NYC

At the moment, there's nothing there. Space for rent. It'll probably become a bank or something. :::sigh:::

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