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April 06, 2008


Jack D. Johnson

Ugly George is the original Street Casanova. Ugly George would pick-up real girls or as Ugly George called them "goils" in the Streets of Manhattan. Then Ugly George would take these "goils" into alleys, stairwells, and abandoned buildings, and get them to undress and perform sexual acts on him in front of his camera. Ugly George accomplished this feat under the guise of making the "goils" believe they would become rich and famous. It was always amazing to see how dumb and stupid women could be. In the 1970's and 1980's tens of thousands of people in Manhattan subscribed to Manhattan Cable TV just to watch Ugly George score with the "goils". It's 2008 and I still see Ugly George stalking women in midtown Manhattan for his website and tape of the month club. Bring back Ugly George to cable TV, he's the original real reality show.

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