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April 19, 2008


EV Grieve

Good stuff, Alex. I'm with you 100 percent. I swung by Etherea yesterday and bought a pile of CDs. Even recruited a few friends to do the same.


I missed record store day. I got a family, ya know. Sorry, those days are gone for me since Tower closed.

Alex in NYC

What, and I don't? I totally broke from my normal protocol yesterday and actually entered a record store with my two-year son in his stroller (this was at Academy on 18th Street, who were very accommodating). Normally, I wouldn't dream of either subjecting fickle record fans to the potential of my child screaming, much less subject my son to the dusty, dank darkness of a record store, but circumstances demanded it.


I'm Long Island boy anyway..there is not much out here anymore.

Pat S.

Shopping for a disc is fun and rewarding, but does getting music online really make you lazy or mean that you aren't as into music? Think of all the bands that release their stuff online these days -- if you're an up-and-coming group, it's pretty much the only way to get noticed.

Nothing wrong with good music store nostalgia -- the Record Exchange in Pittsburgh will always be a special place for me, with its black-sticker 50-cent CDs -- but we're approaching "Hey kids, get off my lawn" territory here.

Alex in NYC

As a forty year old father of two, I am *more* than comfortable with telling kids to stay the hell off my lawn.


If they have it again next year, I will do it..I am a big music fan, I will try my best kids or no kids in tow. I will try to look up the best on Long Island if it exists.

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