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April 05, 2008


Tim B.

Its a little bit of a stretch to trace the riff back to the Equals (great video! love the casually grooving 60's chicks) but the rhythm is certainly similar.


Everything is derivative of everything. Nirvana even owned up to copying The Pixies riffs for their "seminal" 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. You can go back to day one of music history and find lots of riffs. So, are you a Nirvana fan or not?

Alex in NYC

At the end of the day, Nirvana were a fine little band who made a couple of nice little records (however unoriginal). The adulation they enjoy, however, is entirely unwarranted.


I agree..I just wanted to clarify if you liked them or hated on them. I agree the "fawning" of the Kurt and the band is ridiculous. Just look at all those "top 100" band lists and they are always in the top ten..? top ten? Maybe in the top 1000 if that. But that's what sells the papers..


This song totally confused my husband who kept coming in the room saying "why is it so fast" and "what happened to that song." The concept of putting 2 songs together was one he just couldn't wrap his mind around. And now, thank you very much, he's whistling it while hammering away at the drywall. Rock on.


I believe that the above comment by Jill proves that most people are NOT sick of mashups - most people haven't heard 'em and are quite freaked out when they do!

Their anarchistic anti-music industry stance is also to be commended. Not to mention their ability to annoy "hipsters" (not that anyone around here fits that description!)

Anyway, the Damned connection is a thin one - it's in the same key, but it's not nearly as obvious as the Killing Joke-Nirvana connection.

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