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February 03, 2008



Awesome. I listened to this, greatly annoying the husband and son, just as the Giants got their final goal (or score, or whatever it's called).

Pat S.

Hey, if you two enjoy missing out on emotionally satisfying moments like the Giants' victory, then more power to ya.

Alex in NYC



Until Eli Manning and co. decide to divvy up their earnings and share them with we, the esteemed citizenry of NY, don't expect me to get too excited about the mothereffing Super Bowl. And f those stupid commercials too.


"Cultural Cancer" ahahahhaha. I couldn't agree with you more on that one. You could also have linked Dead Kennedy's "Jock-o-rama" to this post. Never understood this whole football thing. I am in Oklahoma where the day begins and ends with football. But, as Dave King (Flogging Molly) has said, anything that requires a helmet should be on a f*%king motorbike.

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