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February 18, 2008



I enjoyed your post; having gone to Cooper for my undergrad (class of 04), I have an interest in how the neighborhood has changed with time and how it continues to develop. Nostalgic to see your photo of the Carl Fisher building w/o those "architectural lofts" in front!

However, one nitpick -- Cooper's three disciplines are art, architecture, and *engineering*. (Photography, which you mentioned in your article, is actually under the art school's purview.)

Thanks, and keep up the interesting articles!

Alex in NYC

Oh, whoops. Thanks for the correction, Marie.

Gina Gemini

Thank you so much for providing the above photograph of Astor Place. This is how I remember it when I first visited New York in 1992/3, and when I came back to live five years later. It's amazing how much this area has changed. I like to remember it as it looks here.


Remember when McDonalds was the Anarchy Cafe?

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